1. Choose your user name and make your account!
  2. Find your tutor: You’ll do this by looking for a watchword e.g. “Math” or browsing through categories.
  3. Setting a timetable with the tutor:  Check the plan of the mentor you have got chosen and send a “request for lesson” message. In it you’ll indicate the date, time and conditions for the lesson. Check the price advertised by the guide and book the lesson. You’ll purchase credits sometime recently or during booking with either PayPal or credit or charge card. On the off chance that the educator offers it, you’ll plan a brief, free test lesson.
  4.  Let’s start:  In the event that the guide acknowledges your ask, the lesson will be planned and credits will be saved on your adjustment. Hoomer will remind you a few times some time recently. When the time comes, log into the Hoomer account. Inquire your mentor for opening a whiteboard which is the finest put to hold a lesson (if you do not see it you’ll utilize chat or send a private message to your mentor. Enjoy! Once the lesson is wrapped up, credits will be taken from your adjust, but the guide won’t be able to pull back them quickly. Of course in the event that your guide for a few reasons doesn’t appear for your lesson, your adjustment won’t be charged.

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